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What Can You Do To Get Cheaper Car Insurance For Your Teenager?

Mar 22, 2011

It is a fact of life that the cost of car insurance for teenage drivers is very high.  This is something you should consider when buying driving lessons for your son or daughter.  Many people think driving lessons are a fantastic gift for their teenager but they fail to realise that once their child has learned how to drive, they will be eager to get behind the wheel of a car and that is when the problems will start.  The price for insuring a teenager with little or no experience in a car is something that will shock most people. 

If your child has just passed their test and wants to get behind the wheel then you are going to have to look into car insurance.  Teenagers are considered high risk with most car insurance companies and because of this, they will be penalised with their insurance premiums.  Until recently it was the norm for young boys to pay more for car insurance than young girls but since there has now been a new EU ruling which states that insurance companies cannot discriminate on the basis of gender, it is highly likely that young girls will now have to pay more for car insurance also.  

So what can you do if you are faced with a teenager who is eager to get out on the road after passing their driving test?  Well there are a few things that could help to reduce the price you have to pay including the following:

  • It always makes sense to shop around for car insurance whether for yourself or your teenager.  You are much more likely to get a better price if you look in more than one place.  The internet is one of the best resources available when it comes to searching for cheaper car insurance.
  • Think about whether you will save money by adding your teenager to your own policy as a named driver.  If you have a good driving record then it could work out cheaper to do this and your teenager can build up driving experience as a ‘named driver’.  Many insurance companies will take this into account when your teenager wants to take out a separate policy in the future.
  • The car that your teenager is driving will affect the cost of the policy.  You may want to consider swapping your car for one that will be cheaper to insure, at least while your teenager is gaining experience on the road.  Older cars with smaller engines are usually less to insure than a new car with a big engine.
  • Another thing to consider is getting your teenager to take a driver education course as there are many insurance companies that will offer discounts if this course has been completed.