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What Evidence Will You Need To Strengthen Your Car Insurance Claim

Feb 11, 2011

If you have been involved in a car accident then you may be in the process of making a claim on your car insurance.  The last thing you want when you have been through the trauma of a car accident is the added pressure of having to pay for any damage to your car and to the car of a third party driver if the accident was your fault.  After all, isn’t this why you pay your car insurance premiums in the first place?  However you need to make sure that things are straightforward enough so that your insurance company actually pays out on the claim.  So you may be thinking about what items you are going to need to strengthen your claim.

Nobody is ever prepared for a car accident.  You are not expecting it to happen so you will not always have the things which would make it easier for you, to hand.  For example you may not have a pen and paper or you may not have your camera in your bag.  However most mobile phones have built in cameras these days and you can also type information into your phone too.  Luckily most people these days will have a mobile phone with them at all times. 

When it comes to making a car insurance claim, one thing which will really do wonders for your case is photographs.  If you have photographic evidence of the accident then the claim may go through much easier.  In the case of a dispute, photos are even more important as it gives the deciding judge something more concrete to go on when making a decision.  It is also important to take photos of any injuries you have sustained because you may need these if your case has to go to court.

A police report is also very important.  If you have called the police to the incident then it is vital that you get a copy of their report.  The police have to file a report in most instances and you are entitled to request a copy.  However if you are going to court, you may have to hire a lawyer and this is something that the lawyer will request on your behalf.

If you are claiming for any injuries then you should also have a doctor’s report.  If you had to visit the hospital after the accident then you can request records and reports from the hospital.  If you did not go to the hospital, then you should still go to your doctor because these reports will be helpful to your case.

It is a sad fact that most insurance companies will look for loopholes so that they don’t have to pay your case.  That is why you need to make sure that you have all the proof and evidence that you will need to ensure your car insurance claim is successful.