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How Can High Risk Drivers Get Lower Insurance Premiums?

Mar 15, 2011

There are many people out there looking for car insurance who are considered to be a higher risk.  Therefore these people will be facing higher car insurance quotes.  Lack of experience, young age and poor driving record are some of the main reasons why an insurance company would consider someone to be a higher risk when it comes to calculating their car insurance premium.  If you are a high risk driver and you are looking for car insurance then you are probably interested in ways that you can reduce the amount you have to pay.

A large insurance company will have enough customers that they can do without the business of certain high risk drivers and because of this, they often price the insurance premium for such drivers very high in the hopes that this will be enough to put these drivers off.  That is why it might be a wise move to look for insurance companies that are not so big. These companies cannot afford to be so picky and you may find that they are more competitive for drivers who are considered to be high risk.

If the reason you are considered high risk is because of penalty points on your driving licence then you need to work to make sure that you do not get any more.  This is something that is totally within your own hands and it is up to you to ensure that you are more careful when driving if you want lower car insurance prices.

There is obviously nothing you can do about your age but there are some insurance companies that will be more competitively priced for younger drivers.  It is up to you to root these companies out.  Another thing to consider if you are under a certain age is to become a named driver on another person’s policy such as a parent.  This could significantly reduce the amount you have to pay for your car insurance and it will allow you to build up your experience before taking out a car insurance policy in your own name.  Many car insurance companies will take your years claim free as a named driver into consideration when calculating your car insurance premium.

Some car insurance companies will reduce your premium if you participate in a driver education course so this is something to check out if you are a new driver.  If it can reduce the amount you pay for insurance then it will be well worth it.

Another thing which could be affecting the cost of your car insurance is the car you are driving and although you may find it hard to part with your beloved car, you may find that another more practical car will see you make some significant savings on your insurance.  As long as you look around for a number of quotes and follow the advice in this article, you could see yourself with lower car insurance premiums even if you are a high risk driver.