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Car Insurance Tips

When taking out car insurance, you can often feel apprehensive about committing to a policy especially with the price of insuring a vehicle these days so it helps to have a few tips. Most of the time you just need a bit of common sense to get the best policy but making sure that policy lives up to its terms can be another issue. Here is some food for thought on the finer details and some tips that can help you have a happy relationship with your insurer.

Garaged vehicles are considered to be at less of a risk from theft or damage because of course they are kept locked away when you are not using them. So what happens if you need to make a claim but your car was parked outside your home but not in the garage. The insurer could claim that you should have had your car in your garage because that is where you said it would be kept and you received a cheaper quote because of it.

So to avoid this problem either garage your car whenever it is not in use or tell the policy provider that you sometimes park outside of the garage. The policy often only demands you park in the garage over night but after a certain time in the evening you may enter a grey area. This should be discussed with your insurer before committing if you have any concerns.

Another thing to do is to make sure you do is to notify your insurer of any modifications or changes that would make your vehicle non-standard. If your car stereo stopped working then you may go out and purchase a replacement which does not add value to the car but your should tell the insurer as this could be classed as a modification. It will often not increase the cost of your policy so it’s really worth reporting any changes you make.

Something which is also very important but is also something that can often be neglected is when points are picked up for a fixed penalty. If you are caught speeding on camera, the chances are that you will have three points added to your license. This would normally raise the risk to insurers and consequently raise your insurance premiums. That doesn’t happen in all cases though and insurers may not ask for any more money until it comes to renewing your policy.

The most important thing to remember when looking for an insurance policy is to be clear about all the details because it is the details that are your undoing when things go wrong. It’s an incredibly long process trying to find insurance that does exactly what you want but thankfully it’s only once a year. If you are renewing your cover then you may not have to go through the process again but it’s always worth getting new quotes to present a challenge to your current insurer. They will often match or beat competitive offers as long as they are like for like.

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