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Car Insurance FAQs

There are lots of things that people are expected to know when taking out a car insurance policy whether it is a fully comprehensive, third party, or third party fire and theft that you are looking for. The only way to be certain of what your insurance policy actually covers is of course to read the small print or terms and conditions as the insurers like to call them. Not many people actually ever do read the small print of their policy but to help with the most important and frequently asked questions are answered below. While the answers here are common to most policies you should always read your policy through when you receive it.

Q1. Would I be able to drive cars that are not named in my policy?

Ans. Most fully comprehensive policies will allow you to drive another person’s car with the owner’s permission. The car in question would have to be insured by the owner also and of course it would need to be road worthy.

Q2. Can I get cover instantly even if my policy has not been sent?

Ans. Yes, these days many insurers will provide you with cover instantly online and you are covered at the end of a transaction. You will be notified of this on the screen and some providers will actually email your policy in full in case you have to produce your documents. This is helpful if your finance company wants proof of insurance before you collect a car.

Q4. I want to drive in Europe – am I covered.

Ans. Not in all cases as this is normally an extra that can be added but some companies provide this cover for free. This can be a grey area as strictly speaking your license states that you are allowed to drive in this county only although it is virtually unknown for foreign insurance companies to complain that you were driving with an invalid license if you have been involved in an accident.

Q5. Do I need to notify you if I have any non-standard equipment installed in car?

Ans. Yes, anything which could potentially alter the value of your car or make it appear as though the value has changed should be mentioned.

Q6. Do I need legal expenses cover?

Ans. Not always because legal expenses cover can sometimes be included in other services you already pay for such as premium bank accounts or if you are a member of a trade union. If you don’t have legal cover it’s advisable to take it out as court appearances can become expensive if you have to dispute a claim.

Q7. Is quoting the correct expected mileage important when estimating the mileage for a quote?

Ans. It’s very important you don’t underestimate the amount of miles you are going to drive in the next 12 months. If you are over the figure you quoted your insurance company they are liable to say that you ran more of a risk than they covered you for and you could have a fight on your hands for a payout if the worst happened.

If you are in doubt about anything always ask your insurer before committing to a policy. If you should always read the terms and conditions and make sure you are aware of cancelation and cooling off periods you may have.

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