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Why you need Car Insurance

Vehicle insurance is a legal requirement in the UK meaning that if you have a vehicle which you intend to be on the road then you must buy some form of car insurance. On the road basically means that you will be driving the car, so for any vehicle which you use for personal or work purposes you need to find insurance to cover you.

Insurance covers against any damage to your car or the other party's car should you get into an accident and this saves you from having to pay out a large amount of money should your car be damaged. This means you are safe in the knowledge that anything that happens on the road will not lead to you having to pay out a huge amount of money for repairs to yours or someone elses car - particularly if you are at fault in the accident. Even the safest drivers can find themselves the victims of a car accident, and having insurance means that any small accidents do not end up costing you the earth!

There are three types of car insurance which are priced on a sliding scale. The very minimum amount of car insurance you can buy is third party insurance. This protects just the other party should there be any damage caused to their car or person, and will pay for their repairs. This is the cheapest type of insurance available but does mean that any damage to your car will have to be paid for out of your own pocket.

The second cheapest type of car insurance is fire and theft, which covers everything that third party insurance does, but also means that your car is protected if it suffers any damage when you are not driving. You will receive a payout on your insurance should your car be broken into and have anything stolen, or if the car needs repair following a break in. Should any fire or other damage be caused to your car whilst it is parked, fire and theft will cover this as well.

The safest car insurance to own is fully comprehensive cover and this covers damage to your own car should you get into an accident, as well as everything covered by third party adn fire and theft insurance. Fully comprehensive car insurance is the most expensive insurance to get, but does mean that you avoid having to make a large payout to repair your car if you do get into an accident. On top of these types of insurance there are add-ons which you can pay extra for and will offer you extra protection for a variety of reasons.

If you use your car for business purposes and will have goods of high cost in your vehicle, you can purchase a type of car insurance which will pay for any goods which are damaged in an accident or stolen in a break in. You can also get insurance which will provide you with a hire car whilst your own vehicle is being repaired after an accident. This could be very helpful if you need your car for work purposes, but also just to keep you on the road if you use your car regularly.

Before you look into taking out car insurance you should think about what you use your car for and how likely it is that an accident or break in will affect your finances badly. With this in mind you can then choose from the wide range of insurance products available and choose the very best one to fit your situation.

Bear in mind that with some insurance you will have to pay an excess if your car does get involved in an accident. Excess means that you will pay some of the cost to have your car repaired and the insurance company will cover the rest of the cost. A higher excess will mean that your insurance costs less over the year but will also mean that you may find yourself out of pocket should you have an accident. Think carefully about what you can afford, because, taking a higher voluntary excess will give you the cheapest deals in the long run, but may cause you trouble if you need to use your insurance.

You may be able to get cheaper insurance if you have a clean driving history and have been driving for a long time, whilst younger drivers and those with points on their license will have to do a more thorough search to find the best deals. Make sure you use your no claims discount to obtain a cheaper deal, and look at a few different companies in order to find a deal which works for you both personally and financially.

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